Mission Statement:

First, we believe that businesses need to have a higher purpose than just making a profit. They should be the predominant agent of changing our culture for the better. We have, for far too long, abdicated our responsibility and relegated our role to providing " financial support" to our religious institutions, requiring them to be “the agent of change” in the marketplace. They are ill-equipped to do that. That is not their role, it is ours and our responsibility. We, as business leaders, are far better positioned to clean it up and go to change our culture. At least five days a week we have the opportunity to affect our employees lives in positive ways, financially, emotionally and morally, which can translate to their well-being and thereby the well being of their family. We believe the traditional family unit is one of the foundations of our culture and the lack of the family's well-being spiritually and financially is a root cause of the problems we have in our society today. Therefore we are creating a team that will embrace our responsibility to create change for the better and be an example to other businesses.


Make no mistake our team is highly competent and passionate about obtaining our financial goals; they will implement new technologies for the marketplace that will provide substantial cost savings over processes now in use, with little or no environmental consequences. Our business, by employing these technologies and our team concept, will be more efficient and thereby significantly more profitable. As a result, our team/ tribe model will be a showcase, an example, to other businesses and will allow us to share our model with them so that they can in turn share our team concept with other businesses. That way we are helping to transform our culture not one person at a time, but families and businesses at a time.


This is the ultimate mission of ITG…….. to model an efficient and beneficial business model utilizing new technologies, thereby being an effective agent of change for the better.

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