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Innovative Technologies Group Inc. ("ITG" or "the Company") is a growth-oriented, technology company that believes by bringing new technologies and innovations to commercialization, we will provide the marketplace with enhanced and lower-cost solutions to meet the needs of individuals and companies.  ITG's strategy is to develop, scale and generate revenue from our proprietary technologies. Our initial focus has been to create nature-based solutions to replace chemical and fossil fuel-based processes and end product s.

The Company was founded in 2019, is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL., and is led by a seasoned team of business and engineering professionals and shareholder-value focused Executive Management Team and Board of Directors.

As a keystone of our mission, ITG has acquired a license to a proprietary processing technology that gives the Company a unique, one-of-a kind competitive advantage over other processors and which the Company believes will be a major disruptive force in the CBD and other cannabinoid processing industry. Initially we will utilize our proprietary crude to THC-free distillate (CTD) technology and modular biomass processing unit (MBPU) technology to develop solvent free, efficiently produced clean, high-value cannabinoid and carbon-based products. The carbon biochar which is an additional output created by the MBPU will be further processed into activated carbon and in the future, graphene-based products. Graphene is a rare earth material which because of its chemical makeup is used to a small scale in electronics and component manufacturing. It has unlimited bandwidth and has 100 times the tensile strength of steel at a fraction of the weight.  It is only beginning to be used industrially because it has not been able to be produced in large scale for commercial or industrial purposes.  


Our plan is to create much larger quantities at substantially lower cost than is presently available.  If we are able to accomplish this, we can be a disruptor in numerous industries. There are a number of federal, state, and local sustainability grants and programs available which we are pursuing. Our intent is for the facility to be located within a qualified opportunity zone which creates special funding opportunities through tax incentive investments funds. The graphene development process is in progress.



 Innovative Technologies Group Inc. (ITG) is a growth-oriented company that focuses on commercializing new sustainable/renewable technologies across various industries.....or expanding these technologies to create a strong presence within an industry.


By combining these innovative technologies, compatible suppliers and buyers through a unified market strategy we can significantly increase uptake, profitability and reduce risk.

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ITG Syngas Renewable Energy

Biofuels and Bioplastics

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Carbon and Graphene Related Materials


Comments from the CEO

"Our team of incredibly talented, task oriented, entrepreneurial focused people,  who are  passionate about our mission, is the reason for our past, present, and future success."

T S Roberts, Chief Executive Officer

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